Teaching Morals Of Ramayana To Kids

Posted in Learning & Development on Thursday, January 9th, 2014

Aahuh satyam hi paramam dharmam dharmavido janaah” – Truth is the highest dharma and should always be followed.


Lord Rama swung his sword and beheaded the evil Ravaan! He then returned home with his wife and Queen of Ayodhya, Sita. Hence, the epic battle of Ramayana culminated with the – good winning over the evil.


We have heard of this story often, right? From our grandfathers and your parents narrating to your kids? But, how many times have we plunged into the meaning that this epic has to deliver? Here are a few morals that we learn from this epic and always need to bear in mind:




Why did Laxman leave all the luxuries of a palace and join Rama and Sita on their grueling 14-year long exile? The answer is simple…love! He loved his elder brother Rama more than anyone else. On the other hand, when Rama’s cousin brother, Bharat learned that his mother Kaikayee had sent away Rama on exile, he was devastated. Why? Need we give you the answer? Yes, it was love! Bharat’s devotion towards Rama was so great that when Rama refused to return from exile, Bharat placed Rama’s slippers on the throne and ruled Ayodhya in his name.



How can we apply this principle in today’s life?


The world we live in today is very materialistic. We are always in need – for wealth, power and status. Where is love in all this? Disputes and rivalries among siblings is nothing new, isn’t it? Children need to be encouraged to love others around them…parents, grandparents, teachers, peers and even animals. They need to learn the principle of standing by each other when in need and fight.


Promises should be valued:


Though King Dashrath was heartbroken when Kaikayee wanted the two boons that he had granted her…he did not deter from his promise. Her first wish was, that Rama be exiled to the forest for fourteen years and that Bharat be crowned the King of Ayodhya. Also when Bharat went to the forest to get Rama back to the Kingdom, he denied.


How can we apply this principle in today’s life?


Rama’s motto in life was simple – keep all promises that he made. Likewise, teach your children the lesson that, once word is given, they should never retrace their steps.


Love for parents:

Dashrath was distraught when he had to exile Rama, but Rama wanted his father to keep his promise. He happily accepted his fate and left the palace. This shows how much Rama loved and respected his parents.


How can we apply this principle in today’s life?


In today’s harsh world when children pay no heed to what parents have to say, they should be taught that parents are like gurus or teachers. They should be taught that they should always be devoted towards them, respect and love their elders.


Never give up:


Rama was determined and devoted. He not only carried out his promise of being in exile for 14 long years, but also fought the dreadful Ravaan and got his wife, Sita back.


How can we apply this principle in today’s life?


Today’s life is a race. One has to be the fittest to survive. Kids need to be taught how life becomes a challenge as the years pass by and we need to confront it rather than run away from what it has in store for us.


The fragrance of the flower is never borne against the breeze;
But the fragrance of human virtues diffuses itself everywhere.


Ramayana is not just a pious book; the morals in it teach us a lot. We have often listened to the stories, now it is time, we apply them in life. Take some time out of your busy schedule and narrate the tales of valour of Lord Rama to your kids. They are indeed very enriching.


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